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EDEM Software Platform diagram showing components and extended capability

EDEM Software Platform



Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation is transforming the business of designing and optimizing equipment for the handling and processing of bulk materials.

When used properly, DEM simulation gives you key design information on bulk solid material flow behavior that is very difficult, or even impossible to get using standard test methods or other methods of engineering simulation.

EDEM® is high-performance commercially available DEM simulation software capable of generating the powerful DEM simulations and analysis required to solve complex problems in the design, prototyping, and optimization of equipment that handles and processes bulk solid materials–across a wide range of industry sectors.

First introduced to industry nearly a decade ago, EDEM is powered by state-of-the-art Discrete Element modeling technology and uniquely provides engineers with the capability to quickly and accurately simulate and analyze the behavior of their granular solids systems.

A full featured version of EDEM with extended capabilities is available for Academic Research through our EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP).

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Reduce Prototyping and Testing Costs and Maximize Productivity

EDEM is a powerful addition to any suite of CAE tools. By introducing EDEM simulation and analysis into their design workflow, companies can significantly reduce physical prototyping and testing costs and increase the productivity and reliability of their equipment and processes.

EDEM provides the key functionality and performance that customers need to realize maximum productivity benefits from engineering simulation across product design and production processes. Top tier companies in Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, Mining and Mineral Processing, Process Manufacturing, and leading Academic Research institutes around the globe are generating substantial returns on their investment in EDEM software

ball mill
EDEM simulation of a ball mill, showing vectors colored by velocity
and data analysis bins that can rotate with the mill


EDEM Components and Extended Capability

The EDEM software platform, powered by state-of-the-art DEM technology, consists of three core components: EDEM Creator, EDEM Simulator, and EDEM Analyst.

DEM Solutions also offers optional extended capability with two EDEM add-on modules: the EDEM Applications Programming Interface (API), and the EDEM Coupling Interface that enables co-simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Multi-body Dynamics (MBD) software.

EDEM Software Diagram showing API and Coupling Interface functionality
EDEM Application Programming and Coupling Interfaces

EDEM runs on standard shared memory parallel computers with either Windows or Linux operating systems (see System Requirements). DEM Solutions collaborates closely with leading hardware vendors to maximize the speed and scalability of EDEM software on the new generations of multi-core processors.


Fast, Accurate Easy-to-Use DEM Simulation for Industry

EDEM has an easy-to-use GUI that speeds simulation set-up time with tools to quickly create a particle-scale parameterized model of a bulk granular solids system.

Pre-processing tools in EDEM Creator include import of CAD models of equipment and templates of representative model particle shapes, and particle-scale physics models along with built-in particle initialization. Specification of the model particle shape and size distribution, along with the mechanical, material and other physical properties, collectively form the model of the bulk material being simulated. These material parameters can be stored in a library allowing you to build a collection specific to your processes. CAD models of real particles can also be imported to obtain an accurate representation of their shape.

EDEM is highly customizable using the API and coupling interfaces. Custom properties for particles, contacts, equipment geometry and global variables enable complex models of particle physics and chemistry to be implemented.

The EDEM Simulator is the solver that performs the particle-scale physics calculations determining bulk particle dynamics. It is highly parallelized for optimal compute efficiency on multi-core computers. It is based on a sphere-element particle primitive from which multi-element particles can be generated to represent non-spherical particles, which is the fastest method of simulating non-spherical particles.

Post-processing is carried out in the EDEM Analyst using an extensive set of data analysis and 3D visualization tools. Information from the bulk system can easily be extracted and viewed with fast image rendering and video generation as well as data mining and export for further analysis.


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