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EDEM Software Platform diagram showing components and extended capability

EDEM Simulator



EDEM Simulator is a highly-parallelized discrete element method (DEM) solver, providing users with a state-of-the-art toolkit for fast, efficient DEM simulation of granular solid systems.

EDEM Simulator:

  • Efficiently detects contact between discrete objects in a simulation
  • Performs the physics calculation that describe material behaviour
  • Is highly parallelized for use in multi-core shared memory engineering workstations resulting in increased processing performance as more cores are used
  • Can be coupled with other CAE solvers, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

EDEM Simulator is a highly flexible DEM solver, with the ability to simulate a wide range of bulk particle behavior. EDEM Simulator’s toolkit of mechanical contact models include bonded particle, cohesion, conveyor, Hertz-Mindlin, linear spring, and moving surfaces is enhanced by market-leading data visualization capability.


Simulations can be conducted from within the easy to use GUI or via a command line interface.


EDEM Simulator’s versatility and extensibility are what make EDEM the DEM software of choice for R&D of next generation equipment and processes and for troubleshooting problems or improving performance in production engineering design for bulk material handling or processing equipment.


Interactive Simulation Monitoring

Real-time visualization in the EDEM viewer allows users to monitor the simulation progress during run-time, quickly identifying trends and resolving issues as required. EDEM takes advantage of the power of the latest graphics hardware, allowing users to visualize millions of particles in a smooth, responsive manner. Simulations can be conducted from the GUI within EDEM or via a command line interface for batch simulations or to automate the execution of multiple simulations in sequence.


Simulator unloading truck2

If desired, EDEM will update the visualization of your simulation, allowing you to observe progress immediately


Recording Simulation Data

Simulations can be started and stopped at any time, with the ability to rewind to previous time-steps and adjust parameters mid-simulation. Users have the control to write out results at pre-determined intervals. EDEM’s selective save allows users to save the data that is important to them while managing data file sizes.



The EDEM Simulator is capable of running User Defined Libraries through the EDEM API. Customizable models are available for contact models, particle body forces and Particle Factories. This provides even greater flexibility for EDEM simulations, allowing customers to create specialist models for their specialist applications.

EDEM also makes multi-physics simulation possible, providing a Coupling Interface for bi-directional coupled simulations with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) codes.


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Extended Capability:

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