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    “ By following the BulkSim Solution process we were able to gain the additional insight and confidence in our proposed design ahead of fabrication and installation on site. It would not have been possible to achieve this level of confidence with standard approaches to transfer point design. Therefore, I promote BMEA’s and DEM Solutions’ recent BulkSim Solution to other bulk material handling practitioners and companies that want to conduct calibrated DEM modeling with greater realism and accuracy ”

    Gary James, Bulk Materials Handling Specialist, Calibre Global

    Calibre Global

    “ Over the past several years Hatch has been integrating EDEM Simulation technology and services into design projects and has achieved a high level of confidence in materials handling equipment designs. This results in substantial benefits around design robustness, equipment reliability in plant start-up and commissioning, and increasing plant quality, yield and performance… ”

    Dr. Brian Moore, Lead Engineer, Bulk Materials Handling, South East Australian Hub, Hatch


    “ The Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral has had great success applying EDEM to model and simulate crusher and mill performance to optimize mill liner design and configuration, to predict mill grinding efficiency and power draw as a function of feed material characteristics, feed rate, and mill operating conditions… ”

    Professor. Luís Marcelo Tavares and Gabriel K. Pantoja Barrios, Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - COPPE Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

    Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral

    “ EDEM is used in designing bulk transfers for surface and underground mining applications covering many minerals, including coal and hard rock. As a predictive tool, EDEM has contributed greatly to the design capabilities of DRA where major mining projects require careful analysis of bulk material transfers ”

    Ed Birtch - Manager Bulk Materials Handling - DRA Johannesburg, South Africa

    DRA Mineral Projects

    “ …In the HPGR, one of the most important operating variables - the gap between the rolls - can't be determined a priori, because the gap varies as the grinding roll moves horizontally, responding to the balance of forces applied from the material bed and the mounting spring assembly. Using a custom rigid body dynamics model implemented using the new EDEM Multibody Dynamic Coupling Interface we have been able to tackle this important issue in HPGR modeling. Increased understanding of the HPGR grinding process will drive design improvements and further performance optimization. ”

    Professor. Luís Marcelo Tavares and Gabriel K. Pantoja Barrios, Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral, COPPE,UFRJ

    Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral

    “ At a time when simulation technologies were not well established in the mining industry, DEM Solutions introduced its EDEM® software as a key engineering tool for mining and mineral processing equipment. DEM Solutions launched its EDEM BulkSim® software to enable customers in the Mining industry to make informed decisions during the design cycle of bulk materials handling equipment critical to the mining production chain, such as chutes and conveyor transfer points. It uniquely allows companies to deploy DEM simulation in their engineering design without requiring users
    to be experts in DEM. ”

    Naveen Kumar Ramasamy, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan

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    EDEM is bringing the benefits of simulation-based design
    throughout the mining production chain.

    EDEM Applications in Mining & Mineral Processing

    The performance and reliability of bulk materials handling and processing equipment used in mining operations and mineral processing plant, such as conveyor transfer points and feed chutes, reclaimers, and crushers and grinding mills is a critical factor determining the productivity of mines, mineral processing plant and bulk ports and terminals.

    EDEM® is the leading DEM (Discrete Element Method) simulation technology for the mining industry. EDEM and EDEM BulkSim software are used by mine operators, engineering companies and equipment suppliers throughout the production chain — to improve equipment performance, and reduce production risks.

    Bulk Materials Handling

    EDEM BulkSim® software provides bulk material flow simulation addressing the specific needs of engineers designing bulk materials handling equipment, such as conveyor transfer points and chutes, and other transfer equipment, such as bucket-wheel and stacker reclaimers.

    Use of EDEM BulkSim in the design of transfer chutes provides engineers with valuable, and otherwise unobtainable, information on how the equipment will perform when commissioned, but without the need to be an expert in DEM methods. Analysis of material flow and material interaction with equipment enables engineers to make design decisions with confidence, throughout the design process, resulting in equipment that is better optimized to perform well, across the expected range of operating conditions.

    EDEM BulkSim enables design teams to address a broad range of bulk materials transfer equipment design challenges, leading to:

    • Improved reliability and productivity of new and existing equipment — by verifying design performance and establishing reliable operating envelopes for each transfer point, before commissioning
    • Reduced time and costs, and increased accuracy of design verification by using EDEM BulkSim, rather than scale modeling
    • Reduced warranty-related call-back costs by allowing transfer point design verification throughout the design process and ahead of fabrication
    • Increased productivity by enabling less-experienced engineers to tackle more challenging design problems
    • Equipping design teams to meet mining company requirements for design verification using DEM simulation — to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of proposed bulk materials transfer equipment designs

    DEM Solutions can provide a fully-integrated solution for deployment of EDEM BulkSim, including fast and robust bulk material model calibration services and training in simulation-based design of conveyor transfer equipment. We partner with providers of material flow testing services and leading experts in the application of bulk material flow simulation employing DEM to the design of bulk materials handling equipment in mining and mineral processing operations.

    Our integrated solution provides an efficient, scalable, cost-effective strategy for incorporating DEM into existing design workflow, enabling bulk materials handling engineering teams to gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of designs, on a day-to-day basis, without the need for expertise in DEM simulation.

    Mineral Processing

    EDEM simulation is used in the design and optimization of comminution equipment to predict the effects of ore characteristics, crusher and mill geometry, and operating conditions on grinding efficiency, mill yield and power demand.

    DEM Solutions partners with the Laboratório de Tecnologia Mineral (LTM) in Brazil who provide material testing services for mineral comminution and engineering consulting services for deployment of DEM simulation in design and optimizarion of grinding mills, including SAG mills and ball mills.

    Employing techniques developed in collaboration with leading experts in the use of DEM simulation to correlate charge dynamics in grinding mills, such as SAG, AG and ball mills, with grinding efficiency, EDEM provides key information for both design and operation of mills.

    The design and configuration of mill components, such as liners and discharge cones and screens, is critical to both milling efficiency and the effective life of the components. EDEM simulation identifies the wear profile and related effect on mill charge dynamics as liners wear during operation.

    Suppliers of milling equipment employ EDEM as part of their process of developing optimum design solutions for their customers. Using simulation, they can also support mill operators after installation in adjusting mill operating parameters to maximize performance for a particular feedstock and communition circuit configuration, enabling significant gains in mill efficiency and increased productivity through better scheduling of mill refits.

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