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    “ EDEM has proven to be a very good tool to simulate the dynamics of grinding media in attrition-type powder grinding mills, and for analyzing the relationship between the rate of energy dissipation and grinding efficiency during milling. The EDEM Multibody Dynamics Coupling Interface enables us to incorporate the effect of instantaneous retardation of impeller motion due to jamming of the grinding balls, which increases the accuracy of the predicted energy dissipation rates. ”

    Professor Edward L. Dreizin, and Priya Radhi Santhanam, Otto H. York Department of Chemical Biological, and Pharmaceutical Engineering, the New Jersey Institute of Technology

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    “ DEM Solutions has a strong EDEM user community and connects users through forums, conferences, and networking events, which are essential for an emerging technology. In addition to servicing its industry customers with state-of-the-art DEM software and support for commercial applications, the Company uniquely also provides a range of options to meet academic research and teaching needs. Its EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP) fuels innovation. ”

    Naveen Kumar Ramasamy, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan

    “ The Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral has had great success applying EDEM to model and simulate crusher and mill performance to optimize mill liner design and configuration, to predict mill grinding efficiency and power draw as a function of feed material characteristics, feed rate, and mill operating conditions… ”

    Professor. Luís Marcelo Tavares and Gabriel K. Pantoja Barrios, Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - COPPE Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

    Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral

    “ Employing the Field Data Coupling and Electrostatic modules, I use EDEM Academic simulation software to model the behavior of lunar dust in the presence of travelling electromagnetic waves. With EDEM, it’s easy to comprehend, modify and implement the API codes and couple them with third party solvers. And when there is an issue or difficulty, the technical staff is always competent and responsive. Moreover, the “EDEM User Forum” actively involves users and specialists in providing additional reading material, insight and resources. ”

    Nima Gharib, PhD candidate, McGill University, Canada

    McGill University

    “ In my opinion EDEM is the fastest and the most versatile commercial DEM software on the market. EDEM's advanced capabilities, customization options, and coupling module capabilities are major strengths, providing unique characteristics required for research on industrial cases. I am also very impressed by the frequently released updates and technical support. ”

    Dr. Ali Hassanpour, Institute of Particle Science & Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

    University of Leeds

    “ …In the HPGR, one of the most important operating variables - the gap between the rolls - can't be determined a priori, because the gap varies as the grinding roll moves horizontally, responding to the balance of forces applied from the material bed and the mounting spring assembly. Using a custom rigid body dynamics model implemented using the new EDEM Multibody Dynamic Coupling Interface we have been able to tackle this important issue in HPGR modeling. Increased understanding of the HPGR grinding process will drive design improvements and further performance optimization. ”

    Professor. Luís Marcelo Tavares and Gabriel K. Pantoja Barrios, Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral, COPPE,UFRJ

    Laboratorio de Tecnologia Mineral

    “EDEM’s advanced simulation capability and fast run times, using parallel processing, gives us the ability to simulate, visualize and analyze very large particle systems. The user-friendly GUI helped us quickly integrate EDEM simulation into our research, allowing us to publish results within months of deploying the platform. ”

    Kuo-Ching Chen, Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University

    National Taiwan University

    “EDEM software is a powerful and versatile tool to simulate dynamics of granular state particles. It provides the capability of analysing their behavior to different sets of process parameters, without the need to implement all of them in the real system. We have been able to save both time and costs during the design and optimization phases of the prototypes developed in our research projects at the University of La Rioja. ”

    Fernando Alba Elías, University of La Rioja, Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

    University of La Rioja
    Banner EDEM Simulation

    EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP)

    Providing EDEM® simulation technology to a global community of Researchers and Students in over 200 departments at over 200 Academic institutions.

    The EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP) provides its members with access to EDEM® Software -the leading DEM simulation software in industry and in academic research -at attractive prices,- as well as access to a global community of academic and industry users of EDEM software tools.

    The EAPP offers members full-featured EDEM Academic™ for Research which includes the EDEM Application Programming Interface (API), and offers optional extended capability in add-on modules. EAPP members also have access to EDEM Classroom™ for teaching, which provides training in the use of industry-standard DEM software.


    Main features of EDEM Academic and EDEM Classroom

    EAPP Global Community

    EAPP members join a worldwide community of academic and industry users of EDEM software. EAPP members are encouraged to share papers and presentations, exchange knowledge, participate in user groups, build their networks and advance the application and adoption of DEM simulation in engineering. To foster and support active engagement, EAPP members have access to the following:

    • EDEM User Forum – Discuss your research application with other EDEM users, share knowledge and get exclusive access to EDEM User Defined Libraries and their source code
    • EDEM Resources Hub– access resources including virtual posters, webinars, extensive DEM literature database, DEM career opportunities and more
    • Online training – Learn how to use EDEM, EDEM API and extended capabilities with our online training modules for beginners to advanced EDEM users
    • EDEM conferences/Regional events – Present your research results and meet other EDEM users from academia and industry
    • Exclusive contests – showcase your research, gain recognition and win prizes
    • Customer referral program – Get rewarded for spreading the word about EDEM
    • EDEM Academic Alumni Association – Stay connected after you graduate

    Read more about the EDEM Academic Partner Program:

    For more information about the EAPP, EDEM Academic™ and EDEM Classroom™
    please contact our dedicated Academic Program Manager
    at academic@dem-solutions.com

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    EDEM Academic™: DEM Software for Simulating Granular Material Flow Behaviors

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    Featured research:

    Cohesive granular solids
    DEM Simulation of Cohesive Granular Solids
    Dr. J.P. Morrissey, Edinburgh University

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